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    Got a question about Truvada? Watch a video by the New York Times answering questions about dosing, cost and side effects.

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    Men who have sex with men (MSM) make up only 2% of the US population. Yet two-thirds of all new HIV infections are among MSM. Take charge of your health! Check out the CDC’s Start Talking Stop HIV campaign for videos about how to talk with your partner about HIV.


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  8. Making up for the shortages in country, HIV/AIDS patients have had to get their supplies from NGO’s from abroad – chiefly from the United States. The donations, however, are not enough to meet the demand.”

  9. Traditional handmade African clay, stone, and recycled glass beads have been used for centuries for trade in West Africa. This bracelet was made by a villager in a HIV outreach in Ghana who tested positive. This bracelet funds access to HIV treatment for its maker for 1 MONTH, and supplemental income for its maker for one month, keeping them healthy contributing members of their community. Each piece is named after the village home to the HIV positive person we discover in our outreach and train to make the bracelet in Africa.

  10. The Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine. We hacked the HIV life cycle to develop a vaccine that gives you the same power as HIV controllers. With success in our clinical trials, our goal is to give our vaccine away to the world for free.

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  11. What I’ve Learned

    Time sure flies by… the three months that I’ve been working with UNTIL for the HIV/AIDS cause is now coming to an end. While working with the lovely staff of Until There’s A Cure, I discovered many differences between a Non-profit organization and what I knew from my earlier projects. In my past experience I was used to having to find appropriate solutions to the main problems the job focused on. But what if there is no final solution? At UNTIL I had to learn what it means to have a job where I can’t find the final solution because unfortunately there is not yet a way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

    So I had to learn that the little steps can make the huge difference. The more people that get involved with the cause and help spread the word to raise awareness is a step in the right direction. Just today we shipped buckets of bracelets to 28 Walgreens Stores across the US.

    You can make a difference, too. There are many ways to support UNTIL and be involved. You can visit our online shop (www.utac.org/order) to buy one of our bracelets for yourself, your family and your friends. There is the classic silver cuff or maybe you like the new suede cuff, which we just got in this week. You can also sign up for our virtual volunteers program at http://www.utac.org/volunteer.shtml.

    Every single step counts!

    Until There’s A Cure



  12. Learning How Non-Profits Work

    Hi there! I´m Bastian another German intern at Until There´s A Cure. Like my friends, Rebecca and Philipp, I study in Munich – sports event and media management. During my internship around Stanford and Silicon Valley I have the chance to work with Until There´s A Cure for four weeks. 

    During my first two years in university I was taught to make money out of everything – investing a lot in marketing and good strategies. So it was kind of difficult for me to understand the way how a Non-Profit Organization like UNTIL works. After some meetings with the UNTIL team everything was more clear for me. We had a lot to discuss, to make the best out of it and go on – step by step.
    Two weeks ago Rebecca, Philipp and I started to work on some guidelines to push the Until There´s A Cure Foundation and create some new designs. Right now I am working with our webmaster on the layout and the design for our new website www.until.org.You see, there is a lot to do at Until There´s A Cure. So why don´t you join us and have a great time - working in this team is great, you will see and learn a lot.

    Hope to see you around the office,



  13. A New Experience

    My name is Rebecca and I´m a student from Germany. I´m from the same university as Philipp the Intern at Until There´s A Cure. Since the beginning of August, I have been here in California for an Internship around Stanford and the Silicon Valley. We had the chance to travel a lot on the weekends, because of this we learned a lot about the life, landscape and culture.  And I was able to spend the last couple of weeks working at Until There’s A Cure, also.

    I never expected that I would work at an HIV/AIDS foundation and I have to say that it´s a great experience. Philipp is working on the Corporate Identity and branding of Until There´s A Cure, so I came in to help him a bit, because it´s always easier to work in a team than alone. At our first meeting with the UNTIL team we had a lot to discuss and now we have a lot of work to complete!

    I’m really glad that I’ve had this opportunity to spend time here.  It´s so great to be here, everyone is so helpful and wants that I learn a lot at my experiences at Until There´s A Cure.  And while I am teaching them a bit about branding they are teaching me a lot about HIV/AIDS and, of course, the U.S.A!

    Glad to be here,


    To find out more about Until There’s A Cure or to purchase items to support the fight against HIV/AIDS, please visit www.until.org

  14. These beautiful Red Beaded Pins are handmade by women in South Africa and proceeds from their sales help support the Topsy Foundation’s health care services for women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

    You can purchase them on our site for $10 www.until.org


  15. Bringing A Marketing Students Perspective to UNTIL

    There’s definitely more responsibility for the intern! Two weeks have gone by since my last blog, but we had a lot to do. The meeting with the whole team was a big effort itself.  I was even able to invite both of my roommates from Germany  to join the meeting, who are also marketing students, in order to get more “marketing brains” working for UNTIL.  (Thanks again to everyone who participated and brought in new ideas and thoughts!) I appreciated the inspiring atmosphere and teamwork.

    The first goal, we came up with will be to strengthen the brand “UNTIL” and to promote uniqueness in order to make the Foundation even more powerful than it already is.  We hope you’re all excited about all the little changes on all our social media accounts coming up!

    Besides our general thoughts, we still have the little every-day tasks, which need to get done. Because of the upcoming World AIDS Day on Dec. 1st, we are already running low of our Red Beaded Pins, so we just received a new delivery of them. Take a look at the picture and you might want to get one, too. If you want to support a cause, you’ll find our Red Beaded Pins (which sell for $10) as well as all our Bracelets in our shop at http://www.utac.org/order.shtml


    From the Redwood City office,